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How Angels Swim Through The Night

Just how it should be...for everyone
I remember wanting him so badly that I could still feel...

Every drawn out breath left poised against my skin,
The slither of his tongue as it snaked ever downwards,
The intense pull of his mouth on my nipples
And then the slow, sensual, caress of his lips
As nipples focefully extend and goosbumps erupt from head to toe.

I remember all the pleasure and...
Those moments that left me uncertain and unsure
Masked by the feelings of pure ecstasy as
His probing and persistence moistened and engulfed me,
And with the hot touch of his wet tongue, my body knew,
That it was tasting absolute, sheer, decadence.

My heart pounded and I pleaded with my brain
Give in, give in, give in...
My eyes closed and my head rocked with pleasure
And so it started, the rise and the fall of my breasts,
The urge to touch and to feel, relinquished,
In the realisation that I had abandoned myself to him.

And then it happened...
My body elevated, suspended in space, and with
Gasps of air wrenched from my chest, I reached out to touch it,
It was gone, as quickly as the last breath from my lips
I was so close, close enough to touch my own orgasm,
That would have caused me to crash back to reality.

I remember his hands snaking beneath me...
Wanting me, wanting to feel, to engulf my body,
His hands cupped my cheeks and raised me upward,
His tongue, as stiff as a miniature cock,
And then as soft as a whisper in the darkening night,
I laid my hands upon him for the first time.

I cupped and cuddled his head as he...
Pleasured me completely from outside and from within,
And then it returned, inches from my mind,
I saw its shape, felt its taste and touched its texture,
It grew inside me like a baby waiting to be born
It was me.

I felt myself stiffen as loud, unadulterated moans escaped...
To fill the void of expectation and emptiness, and with that
The Chrysanthemum of pleasure exploded
Leaving a satisfied soul and squirming body in its wake
It could never be as good as this, ever,
And yet I felt it, the pleasure and release from inside.

I remember all of this because of him...
How he made me feel, the time, the place
His commitment to pleasuring my body without thought,
Without urgency, promoting complete unselfishness
He knows...And I know...I love him for all these things,
As I relax, I feel a wicked smile against my pussy.

I slowly move against him and I feel...
With the flick of his tongue he announces himself to me again
Driven and replenished, and this time with attitude,
I feel it all over again, a second sitting,
Waves of pleasure are born from explosive love, and I...
Now know how angels swim through the night.
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