How do I speak what I know

By nowheregirl

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Tags: love poem, lust, words unknown

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How do I speak what I know deep within me?

There are things I wish to say

But the words just fall apart

Maybe they don’t matter

As many things haven’t for so long now

Or not until recently

There’s a feeling lodged between my ribs

And I can’t help but smile

As a tremble runs through my body

And I try to hold my tongue.

And question rather it be best to tell you

How bad I want you, or to just smile

Knowing that this moment is special and only ours.

My breathing is fast, and my mind is lost

Deep Within the fog of love for you,

Between things I hope implied and things unsaid

I pray one day I can speak these words to you

Tell you about the part of me

You own now.

The part I freely gave.

How do I speak what I know deep within me?