I Am A Lover Of Words

By avrgblkgrl

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A word after a word after a word is...
I am a lover of words. 
I like 
What they do to my tongue.

Each letter 
Whispers its own tune 
To me, 
When spoken together 
A song.

Like love, 
How it opens the lips, 
Extends the tongue, 
Closes with a kiss, 
Sounds hopeful.

 How the letter O, 
When accentuated, 
Can leave you breathless. 
The entire face must work together 
To form it.

How do you make 
You fall short of gritting your teeth. 
You block the air passage 
For just one slash of a second. 
These are raw 
Naked sounds.

Try them.

The word hate 
Takes your breath away. 
Such an effort is too much 
For one word.

 And, I 
Always stands alone. 
It owns a pause, 
Regardless of what precedes or follows.

When you say 
The sound 
Is equal on both sides 
Or not.

Enter is kind. 
Exit sounds angry. 
They could be the same door, 
Starting out the same way.

The right words, 
When they hit the right spot,
I lose my body, 
My heart, 
My poise, 
My soul.

I am a lover of words, 
What they do to my mind.

That’s all I can say. 
I’m just careful 
How I say it 
And to whom 
I say it to.