I Can’t Stop Thinking About You

By Bad_4You

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Tags: love poem, longing for her, fantasy

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She's captivated my thoughts and I'm left helpless to be free...
I kept thinking of you, holding you close in my arms, hands wrapped around your waist, pulling your body ever closer to mine

I kept thinking of you, caressing your beautiful lips, finding the gap and then you follow by playing sensuously with my tongue

I kept thinking of you, the look in your eyes, your intoxicating aroma, the velvety touch of your skin as you hold me, just petting my body

I kept thinking of you, the way your hand slowly dropped to my swollen member, lowering my zipper while holding me captive with your eyes

I kept thinking of you, tugging my rigid tool from my pants as you seductively fall to your knees, you take me into your tiny hand and then pull it to your lips

I kept thinking of you, as your lovely hand begins a slow stroke and your tongue paints the surface of my shaft with your saliva

I kept thinking of you, aggressively sucking the glossy tip inside your mouth and pistoning your head back and forth, summoning my seed to erupt

I kept thinking of you, looking up at me, begging me with your smoky, sexy eyes to possess you, to take charge and just plow my cock hard into your face

I kept thinking of you, as my hands wrap around your head and I take over, at first causing you to gag but then witnessing the glint of pleasure in your eyes as I plunge deeper still

I kept thinking of you, as the first of many shots reaches the recesses of your sultry mouth, and you fulfill your promise, swallowing every last drop of my cream

I kept thinking of you, lying there alone on my bed, the fantasy having overtaken me, my cum is thrown airborne onto my chest and stomach and dribbling down my hand

I kept thinking of you, until the very last stroke, my spunk everywhere. My chest is pounding, my body sweaty…what wonderful thoughts!

For the life of me girl...I can’t stop thinking about you...