I Have Many Faces

By capemay4u

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Do you see a woman filled with passion desire
Close your eyes and picture me.

What do you see?

It is only me with one mind, one soul, and one heart and yet I have many faces.

Can you tell them apart?

Many say I have the face of an angel, kind and sweet.

Come, look a little closer look in my eyes, can you see the devil, bold and seductive?

Mornings come, and I look in the mirror and ask myself, which face shall I wear today?

For I have many faces.

Do you see a woman torn between who she is and who she wants to be?

Do you see a woman who wants to fall head over heels in love, or a whore who is eager to please?

A woman who hides her fears and holds in all her tears?

Do you see a friend or a lover?

Do you see the child inside of me?

Do you see my wild side eager to flee?

Do you see me as a writer or as a delighter?

Can you feel my burning desire and passion for that special one?

So many faces and yet longing for that one embrace.

Now open your eyes.

Look at me and tell me who do you see?