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I hope she's listening

Can she ever forgive him?
I met her here, one sweet day when she turned my head and then turned my world upside down in a good way.
We danced around each other at first,
neither one wanting to make the first move
yet frightened to do nothing.

Once ignited, our passion knew no bounds
as we soared to the very heights of wanton lust,
our movements in perfect sync with each other.
Our couplings were legendary, driving each other
to the pinnacle of pleasure again and again.

I had loved her from the beginning
but she resisted, fooling herself from
the grand kiss of love, but in reality
she fell fast and hard for me.

Our joy at professing our love was tempered, though,
by false witness,
for I had held back the truth from her sweet eyes and ears.

I lived this lie, not expecting to be visited by love
to have it strike me, to have it move me
and to have it shame me into withdrawal.

So I ran, leaving my one good thing, my
one true love, alone and scared.
I had chosen the way of the coward,
sulking in the dark and avoiding the true light.

A coward I was not, I told myself.
I must let her know, even if I risk losing her love,
for her love was what gave me courage.

I must try.

And so I leaned on her love to
muster the ways of the truth,
and I told her everything.
I told her because I believed
her love would free me from my cowardice.

Alas, my truth was as a dagger to our love,
killing it as surely as poison
for my lies brought about the death of our love.

I would see her no more, hear her no more.
That was her sentence to me.
My betrayal left her hurt and cold
and the bitter freeze would see no warmth.

I wander now, lost in my bitter thoughts.
My days are spent thinking of her, loving her.

Love for her still burns in my heart
and its flame brings a message 

that I chant, over and over, hoping
she will hear, hoping she will understand,
hoping she will forgive.

I want her to know that I still love her,
hoping that somehow, someway,
she'll hear these words.

I pray that forgiveness can open
her heart and bring her back to me.

For now, all I have is hope.

Hope, and the belief
that she can hear me.

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