I Lost My Penis

By frogprince

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Tags: whimsy, sex, oral, fun

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Just a bit of whimsy on a dull day. My mind is wandering again.
I lost my penis.
I don’t know where it is.
I held it in my hand,
When I took my morning whiz.

My ardent lover
Had it in her mouth
Just before
We moved it south.

I pushed and pulled
And felt so right
As I put it in
Her pussy so tight.

Her legs wrapped round me
Felt like I would explode.
Her pussy hugged me
As I blew my load.

We lay together
Hugging and kissing
I felt it there
It wasn’t missing

I went to shower
Wash and rinse
That’s when I noticed
Haven’t seen it since.

That explains it all
Like George on the Seinfeld Show
That Shrinkage Factor
Made it go.