I See

By naughtyjew

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Tags: love, invisible, tears

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When I felt invisible you saw
I see you every day,
I see you every night.
I see you when I feel joy,
I see you when I feel fright.
I see the way you look at me.
I see the way you sigh.
I see the way you look deep down,
I let you see me cry.
I see how much I care for you.
I see how much I love.
I see how much you make me shine,
Like the wings of a dove.
You saw me when you said hello
You never said goodbye
You saw me when I was sad,
With a tear in my eye.
You saw who I was.
You did not tease or judge.
And now I know that with you
The truth I need not fudge.
For every time I think of you
I breathe a little sigh.
The one person on my mind.
The one who saw me cry.
You must know who you are.
You must know what you mean to me.
For the truth I now tell.
You're the one who sees.