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I Surrender To You

I Surrender To You

This Is What I Want
I lie there in the tall grass, hiding me like a thick forest.

My naked body soaking in the sun, I look at you, smiling down at me.

Your lips meet mine, we kiss, it’s soft but has a hungry need to it.

The tremble of my body alerts you, reminding you how much I need you.

You climb on top of me, your naked skin against mine, watching me.

I can sense you teasing me, I wriggle a little under you, and you smirk just a wee bit.

Naturally I open my legs a little wider for you, welcoming you in to what is so clearly yours.

Your throbbing head brushes along my soft, wet lips.

“Please.” I whisper.

The breeze blows, the smell of summer filling my senses.

The tall grass brushes against our bare legs slightly.

Mmm I can feel you shift closer, about to give in, maybe?

“Say it again.” You whisper to me.

“Please, I beg you.”

“That’s my girl.” You say to me.

I arch my hips, in hopes you’ll give in to me.

You begin to push in to what I hold most sacred.

I’m giving myself to you, and I’m ready for it.

Can’t you see?

You slowly begin to bury yourself into me, finally owning me.

You’re slow, and passionate, with ease we move together.

My emotions soar high, and I beg for more.

Never one to disappoint, you give me what I beg for.

Your thick cock is moving in out of me, as I roll my hips to move along with yours.

My head lifts up, my eyes rolling into the back of my head, the moans escaping my lips.

A jet flies by, leaving a trail of smoke, like a long tail.

I lift my hips once more, you come down into me, hitting just right.

Suddenly its magic that I feel within, an explosion of orgasms erupts hard.

Crying out your name, my fingers dig into you, “Please” I beg again.

Don’t slow, oh please don’t slow down, I think to myself in a tangled web of moans and orgasm.

My body gives to you what I've wanted all along, the undoing no one else has ever offered me.

You follow suit, giving me what I desire.

The moan escapes your lips, filling me with your seed.

“Yes.” I softly whisper in a light hiss, wanting you to drain yourself inside me.

The sun warms us, as we lie there feeling nothing but each other and the sun.

Before long, the sound of the wind and grass lulls me into a slumber.

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