I The Dandelion

By unicorn92

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Tags: want, love, lust, desire, waiting, patience

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About this girl I'm falling for, who is already kind of taken. It's complicated.
So close,
Yet afar.
I a dandelion,
Blending into,
A field of daisies,
Just a dirty weed.

On the horizon,
A beautiful girl,
Skips along,
Without knowing,
Trampling I,
The dandelion.

My seeds,
Blow gently.
Wind carries them,
Taking root,
Growing again,
A scrawny yellow flower.

I watch,
She's happy.
I the dandelion,
Await the day,
You make a wish,
To be with me.

Her eyes,
Shut tight.
She blows away,
My seeds into,
The light of day,
Whisper I'm in love with you.