I want to...

By HK4167

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I miss you, I need you, I crave you...
I want to…

All of sudden
I miss you
I need you
I crave you

I want to pull you into my arms 
To kiss you 
To feel you 
To taste you

I want to push you against the wall 
To enter you 
To take you 
To have you

I want to hear your voice 
Moaning for me 
Begging for me 
Screaming for me

I want to feel your body 
Quivering for me 
Shuddering for me 
Trembling for me

I want to make you 
Bite me 
Lose yourself in me 
Reveal your inner animal instinct to me

I want to explode inside you 
When you cum for me 
When your body arches for me 
When your voice becomes hoarse for me

I want to hold you tight 
When you collapse on top of me 
And whisper to you 
Telling you that

I miss you 
I need you 
I crave you 
I love you