I Want Your Ass

By Bunny12

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Tags: Anal, Strap-on, sexy ass

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I know all my boy's dirty little secrets!

Spread those ass cheeks, so round and smooth.
So I can give you everything that’s your due.

I will take all of your breath away.
Making every bit of your juice spray.

But I will completely drive you crazy first.
Tease you so bad, you’ll feel like you could burst.

I’ll dress up all sexy and stir all of your desires.
Your cock will grow so big till it can’t get any higher.

Moaning and groaning your whole body will tremble.
Until a quivering pile of lust is what you resemble.

I’m so in love with a great sexy ass.
To say it in Spanish I just want mas!

Give it to me bitch, you know that it’s mine.
I’m gong to rule your ass all of the time.

Do things to you like no one else can.
Don’t worry I’ll still let you be a macho man.

But when we’re all alone with no one around.
Your screams of excitement will be the only sound.

Yell loud for me my horny little slut.
While I take advantage of your sexy butt.

Spank it and kiss it and give it a rub.
Then fuck it so good because that’s what you love.

It’s your dirty secret that you don’t want to tell.
My little ass whore I will fuck you so well.

Because it is not at all a secret to me.
With my strap on I will set your ass free.

Feel it clenching and pulsing all over my hard cock.
I WILL make you MY bitch, your heart I will unlock.

Crave me you will each and every day.
To satisfy your horny ass in my special way.

You know it’s what you want my nasty little bitch.
In my most kinky way scratch your every itch.

Then you will get everything that you deserve.
Because my sexy little bitch it is me that you serve.

This last line is the moral to this story.
Always bare your sexy ass to me in all of its glory.