If I could

By Bad_4You

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Tags: love poem, longing, desire

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The lovers lament...
If I could
Each and every day
The hours we were separated
Would be reversed

The investment at work, eight minutes
Daily occurrences at the gym, two minutes
The occasions of errands and eating and sleeping?
Mere seconds

If I could ordain
What my time is dedicated to
It would be an end around
A complete 180

The menial would be discarded
The mundane all but eliminated
The fluff and the worthless
Would be given no credence whatsoever

Things would look so much different
My life as it stands would be unrecognizable
The rat race would all but fade away
And what is truly significant would take center stage

And there you’d be
Covered in my attentiveness
Overwhelmed by the monotony of my presence
And probably begging for a way to escape

But hey, this is my dream
It’s very foundation is based on my desire
And that is where you come in
This goal, this lovely perfect dream...
Is you!