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If I Know You

The man reflects on the sensual contrast between his wife and the woman he really wants...
If I know you
As we were about to leave for a date night
And I told you how I preferred that sexy skirt to your skin tight jeans
You’d smile and in the blink of an eye you would change it for me

If I know you
As we entered the establishment
And you felt every eye on your gorgeous form
Every man and every woman
Just eating up your beauty, you’d grow markedly excited
As evidenced by the hard nipples poking out of your buttoned down blouse

If I know you
As we dined at this, your favorite five star restaurant
Rather than little or no touching whatsoever
We wouldn't be able to keep our hands off of each other
Even as your foot slides lovingly up and down my leg under the table

If I know you
As we walked off our meal after dinner
And my arms were wrapped around you
And I playfully caressed your breasts and your juicy ass while nibbling on your neck
You simply give me that encouraging, little wicked smile you always have for me

If I know you
After sitting in the darkened theater
It would be perfectly fine
If I leaned over and slid my tongue inside your mouth. In fact...

If I know you
When I asked you to remove your panties
That sexy smile would grow wide across your face again
And you’d leave for the women’s room or even
Raise your ass and discreetly slide them off right there in front of me

If I know you
When I pulled you close and whispered softly
“I smell your delicious pussy
Slide a finger inside for me!”
You’d stare me in the eyes even as you slipped it in

And if I know you
You’d just continue staring at me
As you raise your hand to your lips
And loudly suck it inside
Then plunge it in once again
And feed your sweet nectar to my lips

If I know you
You’d draw me to your neck
As I placed my hand inside your thighs and let it crawl on up between your legs
And then I'd slide two fingers inside your soaking wet folds
And take you to an amazingly hard come

If I know you
You’d delight in the pleasure that it gave to me
As I gave you your first come of the night
Then you’d sensuously suck my fingers dry

If I know you
Once we were in the car
You’d grab my hand and bring it down inside you again
Saying, “I want you so bad! Do with me as you will!”
And you’d encourage me
To quickly find a secluded spot

And if I know you
It wouldn’t just be talk, you’d be dead serious
Playing with my cock until I finally pulled off somewhere
And you'd get out of the car and walk over to my side

And if I know you
When I said there’s not enough room in the tiny car
You’d simply coo, “Baby we’ll make room!”
And you’d climb on top of my lap
After dropping my clothes around my ankles
And lower yourself slowly down onto my shaft
As you leaned back into the steering wheel
Then you’d open your blouse and feed me your breasts
And you'd ride me hard until I’ve filled your pussy with my hot sticky cum
After which you’d kneel down and lick me clean

And if I know you
You’d welcome the thought
As I drove a little further and then pulled over into the park
And carried you to the grass and laid you down on your back
Then crawled between your legs until my mouth captured
And my tongue feasted on the creamy delights
Of our mutual cum as it dripped from your steaming pussy
I’m lapping and bathing your gorgeous slit and sucking on your nub
And you’ve grabbed my head and grinded your sex against my face
Until you’ve been face-fucked to two more body shaking comes

If I know you
The evening I have just described
Makes your heart race and your panties wet
And you might have even slipped a finger inside them there at your work
And you realize I don’t look at you as an object
You’re just the object of my affection, my desire

And if I know you
What I have written to you is a compliment
My way of expressing just how you’ve captured my heart and my mind
And how my dreams are always mixed with thoughts of you

So, “Do I know you?” I ask
I thought so
And that is why I can’t get enough
Of spending my time with
And knowing you
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