If there was

By Alphamagus

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Tags: love, longing

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If there was a woman more elegant,

I must have blinked and missed her.

My body never felt her warming breath.

My lips had never kissed her.

If there was a mind more curious,

A need to learn each day,

I never had the privilege,

To help it on its way.

If there was a body more inviting,

Its treasures I never tasted,

I never chanced to make it come, 

So its beauty would be wasted.

If there was a intellect honed finer,

Its edge as sharp and keen,

It would be locked away in a lab,

Its rarity never seen.

If there was a voice so captivating,

So sultry, dark and low.

I never felt the shivers, 

That it planted down below.

If there was a soul that was more sensual,

A naked eroticism found,

It would have driven me to insanity.

My mind would be unwound.

There is none like you, my darling

No how, no when, nowhere

You are my best friend, love and lady.

My life, my soul, my air.