If this isnt love?

By thepopeshinesmyshoes

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If this isn’t love then, tell me why I’ve lost the twinkle in my eye

If this isn’t love then, why do I miss the beauty that lingers in your kiss?

If this isn’t love and I’m not stuck, why in heaven cant I wake up?

If this isn’t love and I’m ok, why won’t the shadows drift away?

You’ve moved on but I am stuck, I’ve been abandoned by Lady Luck

I think of nothing but your face, the rest of my thoughts seem out of place

I can’t move on but can’t go back, what is this horrid nasty trap?

Do you miss me, or think of me? Search your heart and find me please

If I am lost for evermore and you have finally closed the door

I’ll bend my knees and face the floor and never love forever more

For I don’t want to love again and ever have to face this pain

I’ll grow old and just look again, for you in the next life, just the same