If You Had Me Tonight

By ShyVixen

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Tags: want, longing, desire, hope, dreaming, passion

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Letting my mind wander, wondering what if...
If you had me tonight,
Would your desire look like mine?

Would you take me?

Would you slowly walk across the room,
Keeping your eyes fixed on me,
Studying me as if I was your protégé?

Would you look at me,
Make deliberate eye contact,
Looking me up and down,
Head to toe, giving me a sly smile?

Would you slowly move forward,
Leaning into my ear to whisper,
"I want to take you tonight"?

Would you press your body against mine,
Placing your hands on the front of my jeans,
Slowly undoing the button,
Then the zipper?

Would your hands be working their way
Under the band of my panties,
Tantalizing me,
Electricity tingling
Through my every nerve?

Would you follow the movement of my body, my hips,
As I sway against your erection,
While you continue to wander
Further down to my mound?

Would your hands find their way
To the heat that comes
From my inner thighs,
The burning that yearns for your touch?

Would your fingers tease me
As they brush slightly across my dampness,
Pressing harder against my seam?

Would you move my panties over to the side,
Tracing circles around my clit
With your index finger before
Gently slipping them inside?

Would you respond to my instant gasps
From the feel of your fingers
Buried inside my heat?

Would you sense my need,
My desire,
My unbridled passion for you?

Would you be able to read me,
To listen to my body from the inside out?

Knowing my heart's desire,
My wicked secrets,
The very centre of my being.

Would you concentrate on the lines
Along my walls,
My sensitive spots,
Digging deeper
Until you had my body twitching?

Would you replace your fingers with your tongue,
Drawing lines from my belly button
To my breasts,
Teasing as you nip at my hardened nipples?

Would you spread my legs apart,
Giving you full access
To my glistening clit?

Would you move your mouth
Along my bare mound,
Breathing in my animalistic lust,
My primal urge,
And intoxicating scent,
Leaving you hungry for more?

Would you breathe your hot breath
Over my wet lips,
Feel my body tighten
As your tongue gets closer?

Would you notice
The swell of my pussy
That's been aching for you,
The writhing of my hips
Beckoning to meet yours?

Would you part my lips,
Your tongue slowly trailing
Closer and closer
To my moist entrance?

Would you slowly touch
The tip of my opening
With your tongue,
Waiting for a sigh,
A reaction from my body
To let you know,
"You have me tonight, I'm yours"?

Would you taste me slowly,
Flicking my clit with your tongue?

Would you slide up and down my dripping cunt,
Each stroke making my bud more erect,
Sending waves of heat
Over the two of us?

Would you push in deeper,
Wrapping your eager tongue
Around my swollen clit,
Caressing it until my sweet creaminess of passion
Flows over your face
As we both ride into the crashing waves of a powerful orgasm?

Would you pull me into a crushing embrace,
The ragged edge of silence in the air,
Kiss me hard,
Tasting our pleasure,
And look me in my eyes,
And ask...

If you had me tonight...