I'll Miss You

By CurlyGirly

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Tags: love, loss, vibe

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I thought I had to do it on my own

But you showed me I wasn’t alone

Day in and day out

I could count on you without a doubt

For months it was just you and me

I always thought that we would be

When times were tough

You came through sure enough

When every day seemed a trial

Only you could make me smile

You helped me greet the day

And got me on my way

Before I said goodnight

You made sure I was tucked in tight

When I needed daily release

You always knew how to please

How you made my cheeks flush

Moments before I would gush

When I crested and was at the top

Without warning you sputtered to a stop

I checked and checked the batteries

But all you did was freeze

How in the world could this be

Why did you have to do this to me

Now it’s been days since I’ve cum

And I sit here frozen and numb

I really do miss my little silver bullet

And picking another is like a game of roulette

I’ll always remember you during my time of need

Never performing at less than top speed

Do I sit here and continue to drown my sorrow

And keep putting it off until tomorrow

Have another piece of chocolate or a bonbon

Or say fuck it, choose a vibe, and get my freak on