I'll never stop loving you

By Cherrypopper

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I just want you to know
As I sit here alone thinking of you, I remember all the things we use to do. From the walks down to the end of the street, To the nights I'd hold you close, just to hear your heart beat. I remember your eyes, sweet smile, and charms, and the love that I felt with you in my arms. Your kindness and trust, I'll always miss, and the love that was felt from our very first kiss. You gave me your heart and soul for so many years, I'm sorry I wasn't there to wipe away all your tears. You gave me your love and I just threw it away, now it's something I regret every minute of every day. Now that your gone life's just not the same, and it's all my fault, I'm the only one that's to blame. Sorry doesn't take back what I put you thru, I just want you to know I'll never stop loving you.