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Tags: bdsm, mistress, submissive, illusion, poem

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You knew I was a switch,
You switched my mind right on,
On to the possibility that I could be your Domme.

You asked me in sincerity,
Sincere is not your style,
Your style is to just play around and tofool with my mind.

I gave consideration,
Consideration to your query,
Your query that was meant for me just like everybody.

So when you then ignored me,
As I was to reply,
Affirmative would be the A,
But why should you want me?

You said to me this statement,
Something cold and hard,
"I want a Mistress, this is true,
On second thoughts, not you."

So much for all my thinking,
The time I spent perusing,
My thoughts and experiences,
And how I could use you,
Next time you deign to ask me,
A question such as this,
Know that from my cyber lips,
The answer will be this,
"If you intend to fool around,
And not mean what you say,
I think that you should first think twice,
And keep that Q away,
Be careful with your words my dear,
For they can turn against you,
For I do want a sub, indeed,
On second thoughts, not you."

I don't like when you fool me,
Illusion as your friend,
For I am not a jester,
To meet your every whim,
And you are not a Queen above,
Fall foul, my friend.