I'm no poet, but these are my thoughts

By Trainman2k

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Tags: love, loneliness, heartache

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Just a glimpse of the thoughts that haunt me
My heart calls out, "Where are you my love?"
But sadly, no sound on my ears doth fall.
No soft, sweet whisper. Not a cooing dove.
There is nothing but the cold silence every day.
Living with nobody 'my love', her to call
Makes the hopes of a man like me, slowly slip away.

Not much, for this life of mine did I ask for.
I want not weatlh, fame or degrees behind my name.
This thing called love, I believe, is pure lore!
The love of a fine woman is all I wish to claim,
She'd have my devotion and love forever more

Perhaps someday good luck to me will abound
And a lady as my companion will be found.
Till the day arrives when my wish comes true,
I will be waiting. Waiting my love, for you.
Sitting in the dark, waiting for you to come around

I'm not complaining. Not on your shoulder I wish to cry.
For it is my own damned fault, this situation I face.
"Guess I'm really weird, ugly and fat," I say with a sigh.
But yet I hold tightly onto the hope that some time,
A lady will cross my path that will make my heart race.
Then when asked how I am, I could honestly say, "I'm fine."