Intensity At It's Finest

By lapetitefemme

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Tags: submission, domination, bdsm, love, rough, sex, straight, reluctance, fuck

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I'm losing my Lush Virginity. Be Kind..
You love it.
You're choking my heart within your hands,
I've trusted you. Don't abuse me.
Use me...
Use me, I'm a toy.
I am yours for you are mine,
Who is in control?
Is it control, or a struggle for control?

We crush together, intense,
Loving, loathing, rough.
Bruises and bites, I love it.
It's serious, this game...

You're everywhere, all
Over me, sweating, speeding,
Building. I want you inside me,
Beside me.

Feeling it building,
Everything building;
It's coming. I'm coming.
Thrusting, panting heart

Collapsing together, Ecstasy
Never tasted so sweet.
You're bitter sweet,
Loss of all control, yet
Totally empowered.
You've spent me thoroughly..

I am Perfect.