Is It The Same For You Too?

By akwildman

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Online lover wonders if she feels the same things he does.
AUTHORS NOTE: I'm not a big poetry fan, but I just happened to run across this one written by Bunny12. It just so happens that I'm in an on-line relationship right now with an awesome Lady. I sent her a link to this, saying she needed to change it in her mind to having been written by me to her. When I left my comment, Bunny12 wrote me and thanked me for my comment and gave me permission to rewrite it from my perspective. And here I go, trying! Thank you so much, Bunny12.

Do you feel the way I do?
Is this experience the same for you? 

I know I am nearly twice your age, But do you know you make me young again? 

When you see me online does your heart beat fast? 
Are you thinking about the hot times of our past? 

Flashes of thoughts searing throughout your mind. 
Of everything I want to do to you all of the time. 

Does the anticipation keep you on edge?
Wondering about all the things that I've said. 

Does anyone else affect you this way?
Make you excited and wish you could play. 

Have you ever figured out that we use the hell out of each other?
To satisfy our deviant needs it is never better with another. 

Our relationship is one of mutual lust.
Our fantasies are identical, our passion we can trust. 

It will always give us all the kinky things we need.
It is guaranteed to always please you and me. 

I know I will always want you in my heart.
I've felt that way about you from the very start. 

Yet still I wonder what you really think about me? 
If my lust for you and my hard-on is all that you see. 

I will take you any time and any way that you want.
Don't worry it is not my feelings that you will taunt. 

We have no real future that is plain to see.
But we can always be together in our fantasies. 

I want to use you and you know that you need it.
I'll only take what I own not every single bit. 

Just that secret hidden part of you.
The part that only I know what is true. 

How long will it take before you put your trust in me?
That this thing that we have for satisfaction is the key. 

Maybe I'm misreading you and this isn't what you need.
Because you are never hesitant to try to please me. 

But you won't answer the questions that I ask.
Even if it is only a simple request. 

Yet you keep coming back always poking around.
It makes me wonder what you think you have found. 

I know you like to think of yourself as always nice.
And that you would never hurt even a fly for any price. 

But the fact of the matter is what is really always true.
Is that you take advantage of me and I take advantage of you. 

I know you never counted on becoming my on-line lover.
And my emotions tend to confuse you. 

They really are crazy fleeting things.
Don't take them serious I'm not being mean. 

I can't keep what I feel all bottled up and hidden.
No matter the consequences or if it's forbidden. 

But I understand that it is a must for you.
So I don't mind being your big secret too. 

So my Sweet how do you feel about having a secret lover? 
Your fiery Master who wants to do things to you like no other. 

For real any place at all or online when you have the time.
I won't interfere with your life but your secret side is all mine.