Jack(ing) and Jill(ing) up the Hill


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The real story behjind that nursery rhyme
Jack and Jill each took a pill
To make their sex lives better.
Jack's pill was blue to help him screw
Which made Jill's pussy wetter.

The little pink pill taken by Jill
Adjusted her bodily rhythm.
She'd spread her legs but save no eggs,
So she wouldn't have babies with him.

Jack told Jill to get off the pill
Because he wanted to sire.
But a bun in the oven would mess up lovin',
And put out Jill's sexual fire.

Jill had had enough; told Jack to back off.
Jill craved dirty sex and not motherhood.
So she offered instead to give Jack head
And suck off his cock like no other could.

Jack wanted a son but also craved fun,
So he bargained and got Jill to agree
To let him enjoy her as a sex toy
And as hostess at an oral-sex orgy.

That’s how Jill at last got her fill
Of cum which she greedily swallowed.
She gave blow jobs to dozens of slobs
And a pussy-fuck party soon followed.