Jump me!

By Francisco

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Tags: driving, speed, brunette, thrill

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Nothing like dragging with a woman!
Five or six shots of espresso

through no demand of my own.

Perfect end to a commute

with a worthwhile jumper.

playing "Sing Out" by Celtic Women

Steering a curve at 65

with my knees

heading into a bright orange sun

south of the dark cityscape.

The jumper was good!

and turned out to be,

blessed of all,

a woman and brunette

and I imagined her

to have big tits and

a wet cunt.

She did when I was done with her

at 85 miles an hour

in a chess board

or lattice comb of opportunity,

focus, and nerve.

She'll get better

if for just remembering

how her wet cunt

got dusted on Thursday morning.