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Just For You - Annie!

This is one is just for you, Annie! A puzzle for rest of them to crack;)
On this warm, dark night
I lay in my bed without a sound
An eerie silence filling the room
As I toss and turn around

I can't take my mind off
Of your silhouette as it walked in
Into the room next door
As you bid me good night, and rushed in

Anxiety takes the best of me, as I get up,
Walk to the room next door
Tippy toeing as I enter your room
Stopping every time, whenever there is a creak in the floor

You seem sound asleep
Covered by a thin satin sheet
I so can't control my temptation
To be next to you, oh! to get a treat

As I sit on your bed
Few sounds from the mattress erupt
I hold my breath, I wait
Not to wake you up, not to disturb

I slowly lift the sheet
As I glance at you, me trembling
Your naked body laying there
And your delicate breasts heaving

As I look at your face, I realize
It is a moment of my emancipation!
You are laying there waiting for me
Breathing hard with anticipation!

I am naked, and I am aroused
I slip behind you and put my hand on your breast
Breathing harder than you, my dear Annie
As if my heart is popping out of my chest

I hear a shrill sound emanate
From deep within your throat
I think you pushed yourself against me
My head is beginning to float

I clench you breasts tight
And utter some words, perhaps senseless
I press my manhood on you
Whispering in your ears, my love for you I confess

I start to play with your bosoms
My fingers tracing figures, as I loosen the cinch
I can feel your nipples and nodules
Getting aroused from the gentle pinch

You move your legs apart
In an invitation to allow my hardness
To explore your wet flowery petals
That I am dying for so long to caress

As I trace your slit with my manhood,
With excitement we both throb
I can sense the build up of the dew
On your petals as I brush 'em with my knob

I push a little, I nudge
As I tenderly open your flower
I slip inside you, oh my Annie
You pull me inside you with so much power

I don't know if you noticed
Hardening of my nipples, pressing against your back
As I begin to slip and slide
My mind is numb, ah! I just can't keep track

It feels as if we are breathing
In a perfect unison
Tightly bound to each other
Your tightness enhancing the fun

"Annie, I love you!"
I think, that is what I said
In the heat of it all, I could only hear
The creaking sound of the bed

All my blood rushes down
Engorging my swell like never before
Sloshing sound of our love fills the room
As your wetness starts to pour

A tide builds to its peak
Turning into a tsunami
Threatening to engulf our bodies, but
Breaking into a million shapes of Origami

I explode as I push hard one last time
Your softness starts to spasm, as you let go
Our throbbing flesh dancing
A tango, a samba, a disco

Like a firework filling dark skies
Through our bodies, a shiver rolls
As you scream my name, and I yours
From deep inside our respective hearts and souls

Your throbbing muscles clench me tightly
As I empty my loads deep inside
Our breathing gets harder and harder
Before it starts to subside

Oh so reluctantly, I withdraw
As streams of our love juices starts to gush
I can only imagine, laying in the darkness,
Your glowing labia - puffy and blush

I turn you around and kiss
Pressing hard my lips on you lips
Holding each other in quiet embrace
Does it look like we need any tips?

We have us, we have the world
We have everything we need
I can't remember when we fell asleep
Exhausted from our deed!

[ Footnote: My Naughty Annie! you provided all the seeds - the eggs - of beautiful imagery;I just fertilized with my imagination - a different rendition than yours, narrated from my perspective. This one is just for you, Annie! A puzzle for the rest of them to crack, perhaps! :) ]

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