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Just Sit There Baby and Enjoy

My beautiful lover gives me a delectable show…
The invite is not uncommon
But the way you say it
Sends a chill down my spine
“Come on over, I want to show you something!”

You are simply breathtaking
As you greet me at the door
The four inch heels, painted lips, dangling earrings
Colorful lingerie, nipples poking through...absolutely stunning

You lead me over to the chair
Then motion with your hand
I know what you want me to do
But you say it anyway

“Just sit there baby and enjoy!”

Slowly, and with that sensual sway in your hips,
You stroll over to the bed
As you bend at the waist - oh my word -
And then meticulously position the pillows

Climbing on, you sit back against them,
Looking at me, staring straight into my eyes
Even while reaching into the night stand
As you remove a toy and lay it down beside you

There’s a tension that fills the air
A stifling thickness
So overcome by our heightened lust
That it’s already nearly impossible to breathe

Without a word you draw your legs up to your chest
Then sexily begin to lower and spread your knees wide
You’re still holding my eyes in yours
As your legs slowly, dramatically, divide into a V

I have seen you pose like this many a time
But normally I’m right beside you
Or positioned above, soon be buried inside you
Never am I situated so far away...

My eyes are locked between your legs
In one sensual move
You pull the wet, sheer fabric aside
And now I’m gazing into your steamy, beautiful moist flesh

Damn, I can smell your desire from here
I want to bury my tongue inside of you
I can see your need...your lovely lips are glistening
With the beautiful sheen of your lust

I can tell your heart has quickened
As your finger slides up along your slit
And rolls on top of your swollen clit
Your eyes glued to it together with mine

Your breathing is growing more ragged
Your moans intoxicating as pass after pass is made
You continue to stare at your wet finger as it moves
And you bite down hard on your lower lip

I’ve never seen you so wet
Or so urgently cry out your need for release
The scene is driving your lover to the brink of insanity
You know there is little more of this that I can take

As your left hand continues to work over your nub
You playfully raise the glass toy to your glossy lips
Then draw it deep inside
Your quivering sex

“This is how I want it!” you tease
As you quickly pull it out
And then force it back inside
Repeating this over and over and over again

You are there now, your orgasm washing over your fingers
While you scream out at the top of your lungs,
“Fuck yes! I want you to fuck me this hard!!!”
While relentlessly driving the dildo ever deeper inside

I have come to my end
My body is quickly stripped and, filled with anticipation,
I walk to your side, tossing aside the counterfeit,
Knowing that my lover needs the real deal now

With your ass cheeks firmly in hand, I raise your body up to mine
Standing next to the bed, my lips lunge towards your mouth
I lower you down to where you belong, on top of my cock
And there I look deeply into your gorgeous eyes

I am taken in and overcome by your beauty
Just as my cock is completely engulfed by your lovely, velvety flesh
As I slam your body hard, our mutual pleasure is indescribable
Before owning your mouth once again
And taking you exactly where you need to go
I repeat the words back to you:

“Just sit there baby and enjoy!”

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