Just you!

By tommie

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Tags: love poem, waking up

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For the girl in my dreams
I open my eyes and look at you,
Just you here in my bed.
Your eyes are closed, you’re breathing deep
I kiss the top of your head.

You open your eyes, you bend your head
Your eyes looking up from my chest
You wrap your leg around my waist
You curl yourself up in our nest

I kiss your lips, so soft and sweet
Your tongue in search of mine
My hand pulling you at the back of your head
I want this all the time

Our kiss is long and oh so sweet
Enjoying every breath
I never thought I would want you so much
Stay with you to my death

The chance of meeting a perfect love
Is oh so very small
But since I met you, I know it’s true
Sometimes you can have it all

You close your eyes and doze off again
Your body on top of me.
I stroke your hair, and close my eyes
This is where I always want to be.