King Cobra

By MidKnightMan

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Tags: going down, satin crown, chamber, medusa, passion, licking, rapture, ecstasy

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Going down on King Cobra rising...
Medusa charmer, snake merchant mistress 
Of the infamous coiled trouser snake King Cobra, 
Mystic high priestess of reptilian rapture, 
Ye who experiences King Cobra lightning strikes,

His searing syrup spit, seducer's labyrinth Mt. Hall pit, 
Writhing, entangled, intertwined in heated passion, 
Mesmerized trance dancing, tongue flicking snake licking, 
Flesh slicking fang sinking, venom elixir all are drinking,

Into the depths of ecstasy sinking,
Down on King Cobra rising, 
Glistening crimson bud, 
While priestess opens wide and medusa charmer's chambers flood.

(Your venom for mine, my sweets?)