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There really is no greater position on earth...
A wicked grin overtakes my face
As you walk into the room
You know the look and smile back at me
“Is there something I can do for you?”

“I’d like you to kneel”
It’s the only thing I say
But soon your clothes are on the floor
Laying right beside your knees

“You know what to do”
Trembling just a bit, your hand rises to my fly
You peel the clothes away from my body
Until I am as you free

The throbbing tool bounces in its excitement
As your hand wraps around the base
The clear nectar of desire
Pools inside the slit of the angled shaft

“Lick it” is the very command
That you’ve been begging to hear
And with eyes closed tightly
You draw me to your sweet lips

Your tongue is amazing
As it slowly drinks in the nourishment and glides up and down the length
Causing a consistently juicy flow
As it trickles into your mouth

“Hmmmmmm” passes from your lips
As your other hand pulls me closer toward you
“Hmmmmmm” passes from my lips
As I draw ever closer to my violent release

“Where do you want it?”
You purr as the bullet train speeds toward the station
When I back away you smile, understanding completely
Even as I stroke my cock mere inches from your face

“Now play with yourself!”
You smile again as your hand trails down your body
Your fingers are welcomed by your saturated, needy slit
Your gasps tell me that you too are rather enjoying this

“Open your mouth” I say
And you comply just in time
As the first of many ropes
Makes a line drive through the air

Your moan is so damn erotic
As your face is sexily splattered with my cum
I watch intently as you lean forward, reaching for it
And catch some in your vulnerable and destitute mouth

“Now come for me babe”
Your body immediately lets itself go
As deep, piercing fingers
Keep in time with the rhythm of your thrusting hips

“Ohhhhhhh” is the melody you sing
And is enhanced and garbled as my finger-fed cum
Passes your lips and dribbles down your throat
Your body quivering, succumbing to its desperate, all consuming need

As I kneel down in front of you
I lap your face clean
You moan when I bury my milk-white tongue
Between your sultry lips

“Now it’s your turn” I say
As you reach down and spoon the nectar from inside you
And gently draw it to my open mouth
Feeding me from your delicious honey well

I love this part
When our exchange comes full circle
Our tongues wrestling together
Mixing my cum with your cum

“I love you baby”
“I love you too” you moan
I smile and say, “I love to make your body roar
And I love it when you kneel!”

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