Lady In Red

By HK4167

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Tags: lingerie, gift, shy, masturbation, craving, playful

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His gifts turned his lady on to red

Lady In Red

Co-authoring with ShyVixen 

Thanking the mail carrier you signed your name
Heart pumping you brought the package upstairs
In haste, you opened the box
With extreme care you took out the contents
What a sight, a pair of red lace panties

Placing them on the bed you pull out the others
Lacy bra, thigh highs, new panties, all bright red
A complete set ready and waiting to be graced by your skin
Special delivery for you, chosen by him

Slowly you stripped naked
Piece by piece you slip into his lovely gifts
Delicate, soft, light, they form perfectly to your skin
Like a lover’s gentle touch, you are entranced

Looking in the mirror, you see yourself, as if for the first time
Luscious, intoxicating, alluring, and sexy
My lady in red, that’s what he called you
Recalling his words, your cheeks match your panties as you begin to blush

Closing your eyes, you let your mind wander 
Is he thinking of you at this moment 
Does he share in your excitement
What will his thoughts be when he sees his lady in red

Your hands reaching to your bra
Imagining they are his hands sliding beneath the lace and satin
Caressing, squeezing, massaging, you think of his fingers
Touching, pinching, twisting, your nipples now engorged

Inch by inch moving down
Across your flat stomach, over your lace panties
To reveal your increasing dampness
Groping, probing, thrusting,
Juices flowing, body convulsing, you unleash your fury

Breathless, exuberant, you feel euphoric
You look at yourself in the mirror once again
Dreamy and glistening your basking in afterglow
Filled with ecstasy and passion, you long for him

And with a naughty smile you take out your camera
To share with him your moment of fulfillment, satisfaction and pure bliss
To demonstrate for him the wild side of a shy girl
To present to him his lady in red