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Let Go

I walk a thin wire between need and desire, dangerous should be my middle name;
Reverting inward I withdraw from the world, dreaming of a day without pain.

The things that I loved bring me no joy, the emptiness grows inside;
To get what I have they will do anything, I’m tired of the deception and lies.

Could it be me, maybe I’m crazy inconsistency seems to be the norm;
I care too much and maybe I’m mistaken, why do I always end up forlorn?

Just when I think I have what I want, the rug gets pulled out from under my feet;
My heart ends up broken then I get pissed off; the only key I am hitting is the delete.

Deleted completely out of my life, when you hurt me that’s what I will do;
Horny men are just a dime a dozen, do you know how easily I can replace you?

All I ask for is a little bit of time, appreciation for all that I give;
Nothing is permanent I am always in flux; I find it a stressful way to live.

I just need something I don’t know what, to sooth my body and mind;
One thing I am completely certain of, they will be one of a kind.

Special and refreshingly unique, a needle in an endless hay stack;
Maybe someday I will find the one, they will give me the things that I lack.

An endless search for a phantom, something that doesn’t exist;
Qualities in a person so very rare, far too complex to list.

Could be my mood swings are too hard to handle, they certainly stick in my craw;
I need a stud muffin to put on a pedestal, he should be there when I call.

Though this desire eats me alive, I need to find a new release;
No more turmoil to traverse, I want my spirit at peace.

I may be a little too intense, that much I already know;
I still have some self-worth, when it’s time I will tell you to go.

Time to let go of all that I know, a new horizon awaits;
I must move forward and not stagnate, of that there is no debate.

Because unreturned love is a torment, no one should have to endure;
The hardest thing is to let go of it all, it is the way that opens a new door.

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