Let me

By cobalt

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Let me

Let me pick you up and carry you to our bed.
Laying you down and taking you into my arms.
Kissing you passionately while fondling your body.
Taking in the smell of your hair and perfume.

Let me undress you slowly, exposing your flesh to the air.
Your breasts heaving when released from their silky  prison.
Your erect nipples longing for touch.
Your womanhood becoming engorged with joy in anticipation.

Let me cradle your naked body in my arms.
Exploring the smoothness of your skin, the roundness of your breast.
My hands touching areas of your body no one knows of except me.
The heat of your inner thighs tell me your desires.

Let me bite your ear lobes and kiss your neck.
Whispering how beautiful you are as my fingers entangle your hair.
And goose bumps jump to life!
The weight of my body pressing down on you ever so slightly.
My tongue probing deeply between your perfect lips.

Let me kiss my way down your chin, then your neck.
Cupping your firm breasts in my hands, taking a nipple between my lips.
My tongue teasing it as I draw it into my warm mouth.
Before moving to the other, kissing and licking the underside of your soft breasts.

Let me run my tongue down your tummy, stopping to toy with your studded belly button.
Arriving between your legs, kissing, licking and biting your inner thighs.
Watching your sweet butterfly swell and dampen with desire.
I smell your musk and long to feel the soft folds of skin surround my tongue.

Let my fingers enter you, feeling the wet fire inside.
Kissing the warm skin outside, resisting my urge to devour you.
Finally sliding my tongue into the depths, tasting your love.
The sounds of your pleasure fills me with overwhelming joy.

Let my mouth, my lips, my tongue have you.
Licking and teasing your sensitive inner reaches.
My hands caressing and exploring your body as my tongue probes you.
Your clitoris feeling my loving kisses and bites.

Let me feel your body as you tense in excitement.
Head swimming in lust and a warmth encompasses every fiber of your being.
Back arching as you try to force tongue and fingers even deeper inside.
Your body shutters in pleasure as waves of passion overtake you.

Let me hold you tight as your passion subsides.
Feeling the dampness of your skin against mine.
Kissing you, loving you, enjoying the warmth of your beauty.
Watching the cute smile on your face as you drift into sleep.

Thank you for letting me, satisfy you!

I love you!