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Letting Down My Guard

Tension in the air, I feel his eyes peering through me
Is this hate or is this lust, I'm growing weary
I don't know what to say, I'm struck with fear
My mind is clouded, nothing is clear

He scoots closer to me, that look still in his eyes
I jump, startled, I want to cry
His hand touches my thigh, he leans in
Unsure of what to do, I gently place my fingers on his chin

Caressing his jawline, I become more self aware
I want to kiss him, do I dare?
Struck with a fearful lust, I let him lean in
He has a mischievous grin

His hand rises higher on my thigh
Chills travel up my spine
The softness of his lips, the scent of his skin
There is so much to be said, I don't know where to begin

My body temperature rises, my groin begins to swell
His kisses become more forceful, my body is wanting to yell
He pushes me on the couch, putting his weight on top of me
There's no wiggling to get free

He begins to kiss my neck, my body aches for pleasure
Droplets of sweat begin to form, together our temperature I could not measure
He takes his shirt off, revealing his strength
I can see the bulge in his pants, I can tell its length

I'm eager for him to just take me
He stops to stare at me, my eagerness he can see
He unbuttons my pants and slides them off towards the floor
Knowing where this is leading, I look at the door

The door is unlocked but I'm so immersed
He caresses my body so well, like he has rehearsed
With his pants now off, I'm perplexed by the size
He pushes his member against my groin, I'm mesmerized

He inserts his finger, making me let out a moan
My horniness is beginning to grow
He knows I'm ready, I'm waiting
There's only passion now, no more hating

He suddenly slides inside me, there's a struggle at first
He's bigger than I expected, I think I might burst
I can feel the heat around us, his heat on my skin
I'm not religious but lust is the best sin

Deeper and deeper he thrusts
My nails dig in his back, he tries to adjust
I won't let him go, he's so deep inside
"Harder!" I cry

With bated breath, he thrusts and thrusts
I'm waiting for him to bust
I can hear the sloshing as he goes in and out
That turns me on, I start to shout

I scream his name, my back is arched
He kisses me, my mouth is parched
With one final deep thrust, I feel warmth inside of me
I'm in ecstasy, I can't see

Sweat dripping from his head down to mine
The sex was so good, it should be a crime
Through his chest I feel his heart
I feel no fear for a start

Inside he lingers still, unwilling to let flow our spoils
From now on, to him I've become loyal
From hate to fear, to lust
With him I can now trust

He touches my face with his hand once more
Then he puts on his pants and walks out the door
Where did he go, what does this mean?
............ Was it all just a dream?

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