Letting Go (Holding On)

By DanceWithShadows

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Tags: letting go, ex-boyfriend, hurt, hope

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The hardest part of love is letting go
I started to let go of you
For I knew I couldn't hold on.
You kept on walking away from me,
Your stride was just too strong.

I said goodbye to the times we shared
And the memories we made.
I watched you grow more distant...
I watched our friendship fade.

I wiped away my tears for you.
I knew they would hurt you to see.
I tried to keep a brave face on
So that you wouldn't feel guilty.

The fire that once burned in my heart
Smouldered to just a flame.
Now I keep the hope alive;
That you would return to me again.

I started letting go of you,
But find myself holding on..
You'll have to push me far away
If you truly want me gone.