Letting Go

By CertifiedHeat

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Tags: sad, bittersweet, love, relationships, letting go, memories, time

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Letting go of an ex-flame and a relationship that didn't withstand the test of time.
For we’ve grown apart
I guess that’s the test of time
I reminisce over the days
From when I was yours and you were mine

Though it’s been a while
Since I’ve seen your face
The memories remain
From when we made our hearts race

We made lofty promises
Many of which we did not keep
We made plenty of mistakes
The consequences were ours to reap

Now that we’ve grown apart
And our relationship ran its course
Gone are the days
When it seemed like we were an inseparable force

It’s now time to let go
Let the past simply be
We had a lot of fun, babe
The memories mean a lot to me

We made a lot of love
During which time flew by so fast
Now it’s all over
We simply weren’t meant to last