By Nordic_Pixie

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Tags: night, missing, aching, alone, longing, memories, passion, sleepless

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The days are getting shorter,
Darkness slowly taking over.
The chill of the air a reminder
Winter is nearing.

Curling up small
She remembers the sensation
Of his warm skin
Pressed against hers.

How his fingertips feel
Tracing across her body,
Caressing and slowly exploring
Every part of her.

She aches,
Longing to be with him,
But tonight she is alone,
No protective arms around her.

She tries not to think of the passion
The sweetest of torture
As he drives her out of her mind
With ultimate pleasure.

In this moment it haunts her,
Keeping sleep away,
The darkness of the night
Slowly creeping into her.

Morning will come
And everything will be ok,
But right now,
Loneliness is her only companion.