Lonely Heart

By LittleSister_

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Tags: want, ache, sad, wonder

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My lonely heart lay heavy

Upon the breast of my existence

As the sickle moon rests softly

In an orange Harvest sky.

The black top of my life

Roams like a coiling snake

Searching, seeking

Across the barren

Landscape of my mind

Where is my lonely heart?

Adrift and forgotten

Under a darkened star,

Or hidden away in the depths of

Long ago?

Lost to what is new and real

Crushed like an aluminium can


Kicked into the gutter,

Left, and destined

For some lonely ladies, rickety cart.

Where is my hurting soul?

Fragile and small

Made to feel

Less than worthy

Doomed from the time of creation

To be tormented

And wrong?

Why do I fear?

Why must I long for what I cannot have

And ache with sorrow

At the loss of what never was