Lonely Thoughts

By scarlet

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A single tear slides down her cheek,
noticed by him, yet still so bleak.
Slender fingers wipe it away,
pushing herself just one more day.

Then another falls to take its place,
she scolds herself; ‘tis her disgrace.
It is her shame, there is no relief,
each tear simply prolongs her grief.

If you were to ask, why does she weep,
would she just wipe, to clean her soft cheek?
Yet, in the corner she will sit, sigh and think,
staring out, too indifferent to blink.

Lonely thoughts slip through her mind,
yet still she sits, as if completely blind,
denying what is, what made her cry,
yet knowing, there will be, but one reply.

Wails of emptiness fill her lungs,
denied emotions left unsung.
Her thoughts still find no rescission,
delaying her one true final decision.

She known his ways long before,
yet still denied she'd become his whore.
But none of his truths had been on the table,
she dreamt their life would become a fable.

She gave her body in an act of love,
yet to him she became, just a moist glove.
Loving him with all her fiery passion,
her heart so burned, so impassioned.

Herself given for pleasure, he did not care,
he denied simple emotions, for him so rare.
Yet to share, then swear, such a torrid affair,
body used, abused and left laid bare.

“To this,” I shout, “I do decide,
my lover, I'm not here to be denied.
For me, sex is never, just about bodies,
but the emotions and caring, it embodies.”

“So, continue on, be such an asse,
for soon your life will be less this lass.
Because I can go on, I can find love,
I can leave you, free as a dove.”

“Go find some whore, tart or call girl,
so many waiting to give you a whirl.
But this young girl shall soon be gone,
to makeover herself into a swan.”

Not looking back, only forward,
no longer willing to continue this torture.
One more tear and I'll be gone,
I’ll ne'er look back into the sun.

Till, I find my... new loved one.