By perkynipples

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A poem of longing

I long for your touch

the feel of your hands on my face, my back, my breast.

I long for your soft kisses

upon my lips with promises of so much more.

I long for your mouth to nibble my ear

lingering there before placing soft kisses upon my neck and shoulders.

Slowly, with deliberate purpose kissing your way down to my nipples.

I whimper with longing as your mouth claims my nipples,

Sucking them in as your hands roam over my stomach.

I spread my legs longing for your touch.

You tease my desire letting your hands linger just outside my folds.

I squirm with longing as your fingers find my liquid essence dripping freely.

You toy with me, running your fingers back and forth, teasing my love canal.

I gasp with longing as your fingers pump in and out.

Your mouth never leaving my nipples.

My eyes glazed with desire I beg for sweet release.

I let out a moan, dripping with longing as I feel your mouth release my nipple.

You look up at me with longing as your mouth replaces your fingers.

I can't hold back my longing any longer as your tongue claims me.

I long to taste my sweet nectar upon your soft lips.