By buttercup2u

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I reach over to cuddle
Only to be met by the emptiness
Of where you should be lying
The sheets long grown cool

Snaking my hand under your pillow
Looking for signs of your warmth
Needing to know you weren’t a dream

Your pillow empty
As I lie alone in our bed
Missing the feel of us, skin to skin
Surrounded by the cold, still air
Unstirred by your breath

Loneliness creeps in
A desperate feeling
So all alone and wanting
How could you be real?
You loved me like no one ever had before
Filling my life with beauty and love
Making me your queen

Patiently teaching me to love myself
To see what you see in me
Nobody has ever done that before

I must have just been dreaming
With tears in my eyes, I roll back to my pillow
Pulling the covers over my shoulders
I hear a noise downstairs
Probably the cat

The door opens
And there you are
Standing there

You hold a tray in your hands
A single rose in a vase and a cup of coffee
You come to me and place the tray in front of me
With a most triumphant grin you greet me
Wiping the tears from my eyes

My dream come true
You present me with
Breakfast in bed

The bacon perfectly crisp
The coffee fresh and piping hot
Eggs scrambled to perfection, toast with jam
As your love has nourished my soul
You nourish my body with food

Fortification for a new day
Living a life filled with blessings
Wrapped in your love forever