Lost and Found

By Ravyn

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To be lost and looking for Him hurts like no other

Longing to feel His leather around my wrists

To be lost and praying for Him everyday

Needing to feel His shackles around my ankles

His strong hands molding the clay

Someday hoping to find my way

Will I feel His strength, His love?

Like a lost lamb in the woods

My love cold like the morning frost

Waiting to feel the heat of His touch

Will He ever know my deepest desire?

Every night I lay in bed praying to be worthy

Needing to be enough

I close my eyes bow my head

Hoping with all my heart that someday He will find me

To no longer be lost and looking for Him

Living only to please Him

Hearing Him say, “MINE” when he looks at me

Being claimed in body, heart, mind and soul

To finally be………found