By Sadman

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It's the sad reality of many in this world


What is love ?

Love is just a meaningless word,

Love is something people say without feeling,

Love is the flagellation of the soul,

Love is a knife that hurts the heart,

Love is control over someone,

Love is a feeling, worthless and empty,

Love is suffering and sadness,

Love is misery, pain and desolation,

Love is betrayal and abandonment,

Love is sleeplessness, despair and agony,

Love is a tragedy and nothing more,

Nobody has told me, I myself have seen,

I have felt and what I have suffered for the love.

I have hurt both the heart, no longer feel it in my chest.

You can love a person, but if she does not feel like you,

You're lost, love is to die slowly and painfully.

Some people are born to love, but we are not destined to be loved.

That is the reality of life and nobody can do anything about it.

Now I understand , this is clear in my mind and I accept.

I've always
opted for the love, but I'm tired, something died inside me.

Now I can say without fear, love is a feeling that binds you and kills you,

As it did with me, be careful, you could be next.