Love and Hate

By nazhinaz

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Tags: love, poking, hate

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The feel of Tasha, a friend
You claim you love

As you emerge

from years of dust

you spent just a night

making me drunk

kissed, proclaiming love

I know now, was mere lust

you poked me drunk

took my cherished virginity

I hardly felt you in

You left me bleeding

miserable, weak and alone

you smiled and walked

to another girl

you left me lonely, crying

to another girl

and now deserted, alone

you walk back to claim

your love for me?

and want me again

years have gone by

as you left me lonely

crying over the night

I spent with you drunk

What you think am I?

A fool, a broken girl?

You did break my heart

and betrayed

you lured me to believe

your false and fake promises

of eternal love and bliss

All these long years

I picked the pieces back

to mend and again be

the girl that I was

and shall always be

I threw you out

from my heart and mind

feeling you a fake and cheat

that you always have been

and shall always be

I fell for your lies once

but never again shall I

be you’re the girl I was

the night you poked me