Love Birds

By Milik_the_Red

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Tags: love, loss, nature

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A story of growth and love

In the dawn of the morning I watched the skies
And beheld the Sun and watched it rise,
The fiery hues and sapphire dyes
Were pure amazement to my young tender eyes.

And as the dawn grew, I did so too,
And I stretched out my wings, as all young ones do,
up into the satiny cloud tops I flew,
Searching for something, so fresh and new.

I followed no path and wandered so long
And had no direction til’ I heard your song
A melody so pure, true and strong
I knew my in heart it could never be wrong

We flew off together in the midday sun
Over the plains where the wide rivers run
Riding the wind with free abandon
and singing such songs as have been never sung.

In joy we soared without fear
I never felt pain with you so near
Forever in my heart I held you dear
with never a reason to shed but a tear.

I found in you the most joyous of things
Love and devotion and all that it brings
From the moment I saw you,
you pulled my heart strings
and we never regretted or sorrowed it seems.

Together in love we traveled the land
Flying over the forests and desert sands
We followed the sun, and laughed hand in hand
Making our music, a right happy band.

But as the sun set, I flew in the sight
Of a man with a gun and his terrible might
The report of the shot filled you with fright
And you screamed to the darkness as I fell from the light.

The darkness descends as the Sun drops away
And the cold of the night forever holds sway
But know that my love for you ever will stay
And the coming of dawn will bring a new day.