Love from A Far

By PassionateNightmare

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Tags: love

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Let me tell you a story

of the one I love

Who's in my heart

she's all I think of

She's pretty far

so we haven't met

No not in person No not yet

But we talk on the computer and on the phone

I feel as if she's with me

even when i'm alone

She makes me happy

when I'm sad

She makes me laugh

when things are bad

when the weather is gloomy

she makes teh sunshine

for once I dont care

that my hearts on the line

because my hearts in the hands

of the love of my life

and I know she'll take care of it

and get rid of the strife

Soon we'll be together

happy as can be

because I love her

and she loves me

out love is pure

out lpve is strong

so hopefully

it wont take long

but I dont care

I can wait

to live happily ever after

with my perfect soul mate

the end...