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Love is Vein

Love isn't skin deep.
I can see your ribs baby, can you see mine?
Skinny together from the beginning of time,
Sunlight between your thighs
True love doesn’t deal in power, corruption and lies.

Sitting with you,
I have never felt more alone.
The world can stay away,
We breathe as one

Like the failure of a new born son
The world awaits
A cruel but destined fate,
We weren’t raised in gold and silk

Won’t eat meat or milk
Not because of some moral code
Rather an indignation,
Coz you don’t want to get fat

And me too
I can see that,
Let’s cruise in a stolen car
Maybe a Mercedes Benz

If we aren’t friends
Please God make a barter
And send me to hell
I wouldn’t deserve to stay until the end.

Written on my arm
Is the message I will send
My love is true
Can’t be a reissue

My clothes hang of you
Like they do on me too,
A handful is enough
All we need is love.

Dancing with our heads down
Feet stepping slowly,
Don’t want to mess up our boots
It is here we will plant our roots.

Pale till the sun burns out
I feel close to you, there’s no doubt.
Burn the grass
until we pass.

Strut down the aisle
Not but two will really smile,
Me and you;
Fuck the other 20 that do.

Spike in my vein.
My heart pumps for you.

Time isn’t real
So don’t count the days or years,
Only we are real,
So just sit and dream

Dance by the stream
Hang of the trees
Scrape our knees
Our failure means so much to the masses

You wear glasses
because you can’t see,
they make you look beautiful
even more beautiful to me.

I haven’t had a peek at happiness,
Yet since I’ve been with you
it is in front of my eyes
I can’t separate the two.

Leaning on the wall in the corner
Waiting for the man with the saucer
It isn’t fun, but we all need to run
As long as we end up together with the coroner.

Kissing your lips
Can’t say it is bliss
Don’t know what that feels like
It’s ignorant anyway, isn’t it?

Breastfed by the internet,
Our mothers were there
And although they do care
Can they really know?

I watch you as we hop on the train
Jeans nearly as tight as mine
Flick your hair as you turn around
All the people do is frown.

One day when we are rich
We will live in Paris,
Hop the train and die in London,
Before the businessmen devour us

Eating packets of chips
As we play Nintendo
Finger down your throat
It all has to go.

Beside the bowl
Even then you are pretty,
To me at least.
Yet they look down on us in pity.

Live in paper castles
Fly paper planes
You can’t entertain us
Cause’ we’re the entertainers.

We are the children of the blood stained sun
Born to wallow in hollow
Taught not to have fun
Learn to walk just so we can run.

You take my hand in yours
Kiss me on the cheek
Slit your wrists
Is this bliss?

Punk on the wall
In your head you didn’t smile at all,
Then you met me
And we are as happy as we can be

Love is real if you feel it
.....I was numb.
Meet me at the arcade
And lets stand for a minute.

In bed I can feel it,
Kissing your neck
Holding you in my arms
Who cares if we never wear the crown

The throne is for fools in the purple gown
Who always seem to forget
That the ones at the bottom
Only want to see them fall

Where could we fall
If one of us was to end it all
Some Shakespearean love story would unravel,
Is it a tragedy if it’s yours and mine the kids tell?

Sitting together on a bench,
Surrounded by empty cigarette packets and a syringe
Living the expression of the French,
Will it ever end?

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