Love is

By Lilly

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Love is many things to many people
Some people are lucky enough to find their great romance,
to have the right partner when the music calls them to dance.

Love is so many emotions wrapped into one syllable,
the lack of absolutes can make some of us cynical.

We each try to define love but the task is so subjective,
there is no standard that applies to this human collective.

Love is intoxicating, like a powerful potion.
Once administered you cannot stop the emotion.

Love is blind, it cannot differentiate
age or race, love does not discriminate.

Love is powerful, a strong man it can cripple,
like the smallest rock making the whole pond ripple.

Love can be painful, and hard to endure.
When the heart gets infected there may be no cure.

Love is addictive, like the most powerful high.
When the rush is gone the soul starts to die.

Love does not know your financial position,
but its impoverished if you tell lies by omission.

Love is a passion that burns like a fire.
No amount of sex seems to curb the desire.

Love is finding the perfect partnership,
and for our mistakes taking ownership.

Love is not jealousy, for it is trusting another
being side by side, even without each other.

Love is not rage and it is surely not hate,
that is what is left when love is too late.

Love is nourishment that leaves no yearning,
yet unrequited love leaves a feeling of burning.

Love can’t be found, though it’s so often sought.
It can’t be harnessed, controlled, bargained for or bought.

Love is not forced by desire or power,
it’s as unpredictable as a meteor shower.

Love is a desire for another that's insatiable.
An attraction of the souls almost gravitational.

Love is a question, sometimes an obsession,
a lover’s heart is a gift, it’s not a possession.

If love could be explained by some rote definition,
perhaps broken hearts could be spared their condition.