Love lost in fumes

By jade

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Tags: Love, Eden

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Love smoulders
Somebody is burning the wood Flames arising and being lost as fumes Your hand all over me making me feel good In our churning bodies our love resumes.

Naked as we are, giggling in fun Oil and cream, rubbing and joy Bright sky, cool water and scorching sun Suddenly a hard clutch on my crotch, Ohh Boy!

Giggling turned into wriggling.. Meat hardens inside my warm palm My eager eyes looks up to you asking Whether my lips or straight a wham?

A slight nod and my lips engulfs Slowly nursing a kid inside my mouth Saliva and your viscous pulps Cool breeze from the river south.

Fire, all of a sudden Melted heart, love laden Ravished body of a torn maiden Hot fluids and expulsion from The garden of Eden.

In fumes went died the fire of our love. Reaches God, high above.