Love of my life

By gwapogi

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A poem dedicated to my love.
after the pains, the tempest rolled

there isa new look at life,

a reason to look forward;

there is a star to follow and pursue.

never again to shed tears of loneliness;

no more cause to be sad;

no dull moments, no clouds of darkness above.

nothing to fear about the future with you.

naught of this world would ever go between,

not even bumps and humps ahead,

and none of the past,

the eyes would dim.

ever so glad to be with you

endless, evermore spend life joyfully, happily.

my life,

my song,

my all…

another day in paradise,

an experience of bliss –

and nevermore to end.

right here with you,

resting in the peace God gave me in you,

resounding serenity and security.

in you I found new meaning of life, love.

it's you who makes my heart throb.

so, into your arms I’d want to find myself

evermore loved;

endlessly devoted;

eternally spending, sharing life as never before.